Sponsored Events:

  • Little Rhody “Time Creeper” Enduro, AKA “Robert S. Leyden Memorial Enduro”.
  • Thrill and Chill Turkey Run and Dual-Sport, formerly the “Gnarly Dude” Turkey Run.
  • Wood Chopper Weekend, including Pee Wee Scrambles, Junior Enduro and Hare Scrambles.  Formally known as “Woods-o-Cross” Hare Scramble.

Club History:
Started in 1948 by local motorcycle shop owner Ralph Razee.  The original intent of the club was just to have a meeting place and get together for local motorcyclists.  The club continued that way until the late 1960’s, then new club membership decided to get involved with sanctioning off-road motorcycle events.  Enduros were mainly what was happening around that time.  The Rhody Rovers became one of the AMA’s district #1 enduro clubs.  Over the years we have put on many enduros; including, NETRA and ECEA dual sanctioned events as well as an AMA National enduro.  The Rhody Rovers continue to be a part of the NETRA/AMA race series.  We currently put on one enduro, one turkey run and one hare scramble per year.  That schedule is quite a challenge due to our limited land use issues.  The State of RI has no legal off-road riding areas, so we are forced to work closely with local private land owners for our events.  In effort to be a positive part of the community, we fund a scholarship fund at a local high school, help support a local volunteer fire department and all of the participants at our events need to pass minimum sound test requirements.  Participants will also need to have spark arrestors and act in a responsible manner.  The Rhody Rovers have a current membership base of over 60 local riders and racers.

If anyone would like to become involved in the Rhody Rover Motorcycle Club our minimum membership requirements are:

  • Club dues paid in full yearly.  $10.00/individual; $20.00/ Family membership.
  • Attend at least 3 official meetings per year.
  • Work at least one club sponsored event per year.
  • Club Membership is open to any age; however members must be 18 years of age to vote on club business.

To learn more about joining, please check our calendar and attend one of our upcoming meetings.